This page is for parents, carers and anyone with parental responsibility including children’s relatives, friends and neighbours who need information or advice. It will help you to keep children and young people safe by providing you with information including sharing tips and ideas.

More help

Parents and carers need to know how to help their children stay safe online.

The UK Safer Internet Centre provides useful guides to assist parents and carers in ensuring their child(ren) stay safe online. This includes guides which explain different types of online technology (e.g. smartphones, tablets, etc.), how you can control what your children can do and access on your home internet, and what you need to know about social media and gaming services.

The CEOP centre gives advice about how to protect children from harm online and offline. You can also make a report about inappropriate behaviour towards a child, or a child who may be in danger.

The NSPCC offers a range of advice including how to talk to your children about online safety.

Protect your children from sexual abuse online (including how to report suspected online grooming or sexual exploitation)

Report inappropriate behaviour towards a child, or a child who may be in danger

Your guide to the social networks your children use

Parental controls help you to keep your children safe online

O2 and NSPCC: internet safety for kids

Virgin Media: children’s online safety test