Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangements (MAPPA) training

Do you work for a Cleveland Agency with Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangements (MAPPA) involvement?

Please take one hour of your time to:

  • Help reduce harmful behaviours of sexual and violent offenders
  • Protect the public from serious harm

This training will provide understanding on:

  • Cleveland MAPPA offenders
  • How MAPPA improves the way agencies work with MAPPA offenders
  • How you can work with MAPPA to achieve results
  • How MAPPA can help you do your job more effectively

Visit the MAPPA eLearning website.

To register just:

  • Select “Create account”
  • Create a username and password

Recommended training:

Foundation training
If you work for a Duty to Co-operate agency but have limited involvement with MAPPA

Enhanced level training
If you work for the prison service, probation service, police, or a Duty to Co-operate agency, and you’ll be attending MAPPA meetings or SMB

Training for heath and social care professionals

As part of the National Violence against Women and Girls strategy, the government has commissioned training from AVA, which is particularly aimed at social work and health care professionals. The training is free eLearning and takes approximately one hour in total.

  • Understanding Domestic Violence and abuse – Level 1 and 2
  • Complicated Matters: Domestic, sexual violence, problematic substance use and mental health

Access the free online training.

Channel eLearning

Channel aims to identify and provide support to individuals who are at risk of being drawn into terrorism. Read more about Channel.

The Channel General Awareness eLearning module is free to complete. It provides information on Channel and what your duties and responsibilities are in the process. It also explains how Channel links to the Government’s Counter Terrorism Strategy (CONTEST); describes the Channel process and its purpose; identifies factors that can make people vulnerable to radicalisation, and defines safeguarding and risk awareness of the Channel process.

ECPAT UK child trafficking training

ECPAT UK stands for ‘End Child Prostitution, Child Pornography and the Trafficking of Children for Sexual Purposes’. They are a leading children’s rights organisation campaigning against the commercial sexual exploitation of children in the UK and internationally. In particular, they focus on the protection of trafficked children and children exploited in tourism, and the prevention of such crimes.

ECPAT UK have produced a free online learning package around child trafficking, which can be used individually, in small groups or during training sessions. To use the course you will need to register first.

A user guide is available which offers answers to frequently asked questions about the online course.